Monday, September 12, 2011

Featured Item... Bad Hair Day Sash

My family and friends kept asking me to make them something like a headband. They wanted something made out of a material that wasn't too hot to wear on a warm day, something that actually fit snuggly and didn't come undone. They wanted something versatile and in a variety of colors. After much prodding from them, I came up with the Bad Hair Day Sash.

The sash ties so it can be adjusted to fit any size head. I used nice cotton yarns from a local yarn shop not the dish cloth variety. One cotton yarn has a little acrylic & another has a little merino wool which is so soft. They can be worn with the tie in the back or off to the side giving a little bit of a vintage look. You can find them here. If you don't see the color you are interested in, send us a convo. We have many other colors that aren't listed on our Etsy site.

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